Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Opening Film Task - The Forgotten.

This is the video for the opening film task. we have put our footage together, edited and come up with a logical coherence between shots. We have also added music, titles, split screens etc to meet the codes and conventions of a thriller genre movie opening. I personally think that along side the screen shots as well as the music work very well together, i think the music adds a sense of mystery to the actual film opening which is perfect for a thriller genre film opening. Also the music alongside the frames have have worked very well together. The editing has been done very well, i personally think that the split screens are very effective and adds a sense of suspence.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

What we are going to do...

Currently we have finished filming the footage for our movie opening, we have also started the editing process, we will now continue to edit the footage, we be adding music and effects to enhance our thriller genre film opening.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Poster & Storyboard...

  • This is the poster for our movie

These are our storyboards which were made for our film opening

Preliminary Task; Final Cut...

This is our second attempt at the preliminary task. After re-shooting and re-editing we have included everything that was needed to complete the task. Evidently this video is much better then the first one. I think the grey scale screen shots, the mellow music in the background and the logical coherence between shots work very well together. Although we experienced a slight delay due to not having the necessary shots and angles i think we have learnt from our mistakes and created a finishing clip that is a lot more effective then the first one.